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It is not all the time when you will be called a leader when you lead people, leadership is not only about leading people this has been miss courted a number of times, people each time they think of a leader they think about someone who leads a certain group of people. This is exactly what has caused problems among our people because the mentality is wrong. I have some ideas below that highlights who is a leader, how can you become a leader without leading people, is it possible to be followed by people even if you are not regarded as a leader, and how.

My belief is that everyone can be a leader in the area of gifting, this means in order for you to lead you need to excel in what you do then you will become number 1 automatically you will lead in that area you have dominated. Being a leader the first thing you should know is that you have to discover your leadership, this does not come automatically but you need to discover where you lead.


As humans we should know that when you came on earth, there was a need for you to come here God Himself in heaven saw a need then He planed you’re coming on the earth, in His plan  He has got all your journey and the purpose the He made you is the reason why you can on earth. As an individual, you need to discover your purpose on earth in order for you to live a successful and happy life. Discovering your gift early helps you start polishing it on time. A gift cannot be taught but can be polished, should you discover it earlier you will be able to work on it and choose the correct courses to polish it up.

Example of a gift.

Your gift is your fruit, a gift needs to be polished in order for it shines, just like a plant it has to be watered before it glows and bare fruits.  A great typical example of a gift can be seen on sports people, just because the sport they do it doesn’t mean that they cannot come from being anything to something. All they need to do is to work on their gift let it grow gradually learn the skills to gain knowledge to be experienced then begin to shine. In soccer we have very popular players like Christian Ronaldo and Lion Messy, these two guys are doing very in soccer these days in such a way that they have become more popular than their soccer team, some people don’t even know which teams are they playing for but they know that there is Ronaldo and Lion Messy on earth.

These two might never visit some parts of the world but they are known as there are citizens in some parts of this world. They have become so popular just because they lead in goal scoring they are the best players of their time. These guys are now leading in the soccer, if you name a place that they will be landing on, even if they couldn’t play their presence will fill up that venue just because they are good at what they are doing. Their gift now is working for them, their gift has made them become leaders, their gift has made them very popular


In anything you want to be it is very important to understand its principles correctly because principles are a law of life, principles were set in the beginning by God Himself, the way principles are they work for anyone but they don’t have respect for anyone should you try to go against them they won’t work for you. The principle is a law of life because they are the word of God, take for instance you take a seed and try to plant it on a dry surface see if it’s going to germinate no it won’t and it can stay there for years without germinating, why its because this is against its principle of germinating. Naturally, a seed can only germinate when buried under the soil watered for some days, then it will germinate. Same thing with human life if you discover your gift earlier then start polishing it on time set a goal then disciple yourself you will make it in life. Gifts just because they are from God there are certain principles that have to be followed in order for you to achieve your destination.


When you choose a course or a carrier it is very important to choose something that is in line with your gift, this helps get you to your destination quicker than expected, because there is nothing to struggle about. When you feel like reading books it is very important to choose books that are in line with your dreams. When you put your money on something that will improve your gift is a great investment, it is a great way of polishing your gift, not a loss. Add knowledge further your studies, be competent, try to be the best of who you can be, be courageous.


People around you play a huge role in supporting you towards achieving your goal, so it is very important to make sure that people you spend most of you with are people who always support you on your plans, people who believe in you people who will always advise you correctly in line with your dream not to discourage or destroy you.


A plan is a great tool that you need in life so that you can make a great success, a plan may change but the goal will always remain the same. Planning is the proper way of making your vision clear to the people around you towards where you want your life to go, a plan helps you communicate well with the team you need to support you towards achieving your dreams, this helps make it clear to them where they have to support you and how. A plan act as a road map towards your dream, setting it makes you able to eliminate all the stuff you don’t need and collect all that you need.

Attracts people.

A gift will always attract people to your life, once you discover your gift you will know what to do and automatically people will come to you. Just like when the fruit is ripe people will always go to the tree, but the tree will never go to them. Note! it’s not every time where you have people coming to you but there will be attracted to your gift, once it’s gone they will never come to you, this is easy stick to your gift always try to be the best of who you can focus work on it every day the rest will sort itself out. We spend most of our time on other things that don’t concern us and that dispositions us, no plant can give fruits once it’s uprooted, when you move away from your gift you are not different from an uprooted plant. Build a reputation remember it takes time to build it up but very simple to distract it. The main thing you should look for is to lay a great base, for people to start believing in you once they believe in you they will then respect you even if they don’t believe in what you do but they will respect you for that.

Attracts money.

Your gifts once it’s polished it shines and begins to attract people once people are attracted to your life, then you should know that people are for opportunities, once they come to you obviously they will pay you for your gift and you start making money. It is not very difficult to make money as we think when we follow the right principles of life money will start to be attracted to you not you chasing after it. When you have a golden voice and you have a passion for singing one day, start by the training set up a good base get the right people who will mentor train and coach you, never wark up the next morning with a recoded song then when no one buys your album you think people are un fare, don’t blame anyone about your failure just do a little bit of introspection did you follow the right principle. We have people like doctors, lawyers, and CEOs these people spend some year in polishing their gifts guess what once they are done they will simple open their working place and start working. If the person is a surgeon people will go to him or her for medical purposes if its a law firm they will go to them for anything regarding guidance in law, not even once you will see a doctor advertising chasing after anyone but the only thing they do is that they make sure they take good care of their patients. If the person is a lawyer they make sure that they win all their cases and people begin to believe in them all go to support them, based on their reputation. The secrete is that they have worked on their gifts for some time and now it has started paying them, work on your gift, build up a good reputation people will start believing in you then follow you.


Success is defined as the fulfillment of a purpose, all those who will discover their purpose on time will be able to achieve their goals, once you identify your goal on time that will help you reach your destination quickly, your destination is your purpose, your purpose is you goal success is not about money but it is about fulfilling your purpose which will lead towards attracting people and once you have people in your life they will pay for your gift.


Everyone has his or her own gift as the gift is your purpose it makes you unique, people are looking for something new and the only thing that will bring those fresh things is your gift. The problem that people make is to try to be like someone else, automatically this takes away your uniqueness as that will only come by your gift. My advice to all humans try and figure out something unique about yourself polish it up, try to be the best of who you can be, that will make you unique, that will attract people to your life and also attract resources


Everyone on earth has a purpose the thing is that maybe you haven’t discovered it, but the best way of discovering your gift is to try and check what you like what is your passion, what is it that makes you happy once you have done it, something that you can do and feel satisfied even if there is no cent that came into your pocket. A gift will always pay in the long run once you discover it you have to polish it up make yourself the best you can be with your gift, enjoy doing what you like even if it hasn’t started paying off, that’s your gift, that’s your purpose. Team up with the right people in life, people who will always support you towards your purpose which is your dream, be open about what you want to do in life never think someone will steal your dream/ vision, no one will ever be like you stick to your purpose, all those around you are there to compliment you, keep your uniqueness by sticking on your dream. When you choose courses choose to do something in line with your goal, which is your purpose, programs you watch on TV should be in line with your dreams, sports you follow should be inline with your dreams. Once you choose right this will work well for you towards achieving your dreams, be the best and lead that’s leadership, never try to quarrel for a position but qualify yourself for a position.

Please leave comments or questions below regarding your gift or purpose, I will be happy to help you.



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