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Leadership an exercise

Mentoring is one of the important things we should consider in life because if this is done well it guarantees that families will succeed, kids will have people to look up to, businesses will survive and organizations won’t die as the economy will stabilize. Mentorship is something that should always be done voluntarily by any front liner you could be leading your family, in the society, at your workplace, a party leader, or any organization, or a nation, remember any leader’s success is measured by his/her successor, if you don’t prepare your handing over while you are in power your successor will fail and that failure goes back to you.


It has become common with most leaders that they will take over after a battle, this is the other way round it is not supposed to be like that, this should be done peacefully the transition should start earlier and it should come from the person in charge that he would mentor a certain person, starting to do that earlier make it easier and it gives the successor enough time to learn without pressure through mentoring and mentored by the one in charge.


Parents on each every family should make it a point that they mentor their children from home, it is OK to send kids to school but the study says kids learn above 70% of their knowledge from what they see, so as parents your should try by all means to involve kids on your daily life duties, and kids can even come up with better strategies of doing things when your have involved on time. Well mentored kids could be the best leaders of the future because they got the proper way of handling and live life better, handing over from home should it be made common with children they turn to believe that anything taught at home is the best, they will apply it even on the outside world.

How should your mentor.

  • Be a good example to mentor, live by your word, and have a good character.
  • Be excited about your mentor’s growth, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.
  • Be a master trainer be willing to make true leaders.
  • True leaders should serve people.
  • Show your mentor the direction.
  • Leaders should be trained formally.
  • Leaders should share the power to empower.
  • Leaders should be confident in themselves.
  • True leader’s images do not conquer let’s avoid this idea of going to war to take power by force let’s mentor our success.
  • True leaders should be victims of the future or destiny.
  • True leaders delegate, your self worth should not be tied to the position but be yourself as a leader.
  • True leaders save protect train lead their mentors not to kill them.


The world is faced with many problems when it comes to leadership, this happens even in churches. Entitlement is the greatest enemy of uneducated leaders who might be Union leaders, Party leaders, Pastors, Prophets Deacons, etc. It is recommended that people in these positions should try to increase their knowledge so that they can be competent in their leadership, an uneducated leader will always be intimidated or feel threatened by the aspiring young educated leaders, the best way to avoid this is to study add knowledge and help the aspiring young leaders by mentoring them.


What we should note is that elders board members are not called but appointed by the above (leaders), this means that they can be disappointed at any time if they underperform, should it happen that you are in these positions you should know that it’s a privilege to occupy these positions for that given period so teach and train others a let it go when your time is over.


Plan your next position now start to train others to replace you never live as if you will live forever, walk down to your people don’t stay or hide in the offices or in those high places go to your people see how are they doing find out how you can assist them to see if they are doing well, if ever there are some problems listen to them, this will enable you to attend exactly what your people need.

Be people’s developers do not be in competition with them to understand their role and achieve your goals through them, encourage them, motivate them, show the direction, if necessary compliment them.


Affirmation, this important it is a necessity to be confident to praise other people, like tell them good things they have done, tell them to keep it up, make them realize how important they are in that sector. As you do this your people look up to you and learn, any compliment from you will always make them want to do more the next time and that will be great for your leadership.

Remember when your people perform well you take the credit so learn to delegate and make sure you acknowledge the good work of your people, as you try and correct the wrongdoings.

Detective spirit.

Detective spirit could be an obstacle in allowing people to make decisions on their own. It could be an obstacle even to the leader’s success, leaders should try to drive that out of their mind so that they can get the best out of their team, should your condition your team you are limiting them and automatically you will be limited and not get the best out of them, and that will delay your success.


When it comes to correction, be honest to yourself criticism might not be a good thing either to the receiver and the initiator but that’s one thing leaders should try to do it wisely in a manner that the person who is being corrected doesn’t feel let down or being destroyed, give recognition and praise good work, make sure you give a perspective of the vision, as a peoples developer prove that anything you say or do is for their betterness, also try to associate yourself to your people be present with them show them physically what they are expected to do lead by being involved.


Mentoring was done by Moses to Joshua we got this from the bible, one thing about mentorship, you can never learn from somebody you are jealousy of, because you will always look down on the person instead of learning you will criticize him instead of suggesting, automatically that will create a gap in between and minimize the learning opportunity, so it important for anyone who is opting for certain position to make sure the relationship is healthy with the current person in that position, that create better chances of learning and being connected well.


If you are jealousy of somebody you won’t be able to respect the person and remember that the person has got connections if you respect him well you will network quickly with a lot of people you wouldn’t think of, who will be very helpful to you in the near future, so listen to your mentor and respect him should you have any idea suggest to him/her because the decision he takes will also affect you.


Leaders should know that they will only produce leaders only if they allow their mentors to their space don’t expect somebody to learn from a distance, let them start experiencing your power while you still around, don’t close doors, don’t worship power, power is service, that’s good mentorship.


Leaders should understand that people are for opportunities, not trouble, Jesus the great leader of all times took time with kids same applies leaders should take time with their people, you will never be able to train your people if you avoid them, you will never be able to coach your mentor if you keep yourself away from him or her, you will never correct what you are avoiding, and you will never improve what you ignore.


As a leader you must always bear it in mind that there would be some mistakes, so have room for others to make mistakes, create a way of correcting them.

  • Don’t be afraid of people, should there be a problem to confront do just that, that’s what leaders are for don’t try to avoid problems but always find solutions for them and gain your strength.
  • Don’t try to protect yourself be fair, should things don’t turn up the way you expected try to be fair never shift the blame this your team find better ways of doing things and move on.
  • Serve people, as Jesus had all the power but He served the world he went through a lot just to fulfill the purpose of serving the world, so let’s serve, before left He commissioned His disciples to go and serve the world, so service is very important.


Leaders should allow people they want to train into their space, leaders should identify people they can mentor and start mentoring them, leadership is about involvement, firstly you need to make sure your dreams are communicated with your team so that they will know exactly what is expected out of them, learn to listen to what they suggest, serve you people than them serving you, leadership is all about service, as a leader have a room for mistakes understand that as you work towards your goals as a team there would some mistakes, learn to deal with mistakes accordingly don’t shift the blame or point fingers, or try to protect yourself, try to be fair to all. Don’t be the jealousy of any aspiring young leader, never compare yourself with but try to guide them properly. Parents as family leaders they should try and show good leadership skills to their kids mentor them with the idea that kids tend to learn a lot from what they see than what they hear, so parents should be exemplary and show the way, than telling stories, that’s good leadership.

Please leave comments or questions below should you have any regarding leadership and mentoring, I will be happy to help you.



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