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Man and Exercise

Mostly Men usually turn a blind eye on taking good care of their body by simply exercising in such a way that they end up getting obese, grow their tummy, and start to experience breathing difficulties. Obesity alone puts a man’s life at high risk of contracting heart diseases and other chronic diseases very easily. Once you are diagnosed with some diseases it becomes difficult to get healed and have your life back, but now you will end not having an option but to control and live with it. Allow me to take you through a little more about man’s body.

Healthy Body.

Men’s body is one of the precious things a man can ever own since a man only has one body it is imperative to make sure that his body is well-taken care of and maintained. Through exercising alone a man’s body can come alive and begins to function well, physical activity is a great move for anyone who is willing to keep his body in a good shape and healthy. It is also the best recommendation for anyone who wants to look after his body.

Body image.

Man’s body is his brand it is very important to maintain that brand and protect its image. Body image is the perception you always have about your body. It is a great achievement to keep your body in a good shape and healthy you become best known by yourself and everyone else, your esteem gets boosted which is good for your performance in any given task. Keeping that good body image makes you realize the benefits of going out of your bed on daily basis an exercise. Having a good image of your body gives you the reason why you should burn those excess fats, it makes you realize the effectiveness of your healthy diet.

Healthy recipes.

It is advisable that man should also have their own cooking book, this help then choose the best recipes for their health, remember as an exercising man you will have those goals you want to achieve in terms of weight, muscle mass, etc. Having some recipes help not eat food that will be directly against your dieting goals, eating right will make you quickly get the results you are looking for. Cooking books helps a lot in choosing the right recipes.

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Healthy eating.

If a man is not eating healthy this can cause problems in the long run because even if you exercise, exercise will always give you the best results when it is combined with very good healthy eating. Healthy eating alone is a necessity for a man so that he will be able to exercise successfully and have a very strong immune system. Healthy eating also helps the body to develop those good looks and look younger than your age and also make the man leave longer.

Healthy body fat.

The average man in peak physical condition should have around 10% body fat or less, with a waist circumference under 25 cm, it is not easy to determine man’s chest, arms, and legs as training for a specific sport can develop some certain muscle and neglect others. Basically, a healthy men’s body will always be determined by the fat content in his body because when it is not controlled properly it may cause some problems in the man-body, it also wise to consult so you will be aware of what you can control in your body.

Healthy weight.

Bodyweight should also be the priority in man’s life as this has a relationship with your height. Again the best and most effective a healthy way to control your weight against your height as a man is to exercise. As exercise is defined as any physical activity that makes the muscle work it is a necessity to exercise as a man because this helps maintain your weight proportional to your height, which helps your body burn those access fat and keep it off.

Healthy exercise plan.

A man should have a healthy exercising plan, this will help him able to monitor his progress and see if that exercise type is really working for him or not because should it not, change must be considered to make sure that it works effectively and gives you the results expected. A plan also helps discipline yourself because it works as your everyday goal, when you have it you will try by all means to follow it and live by those rules, this practice make it healthier for your body and benefit your body accordingly. A plan also helps you develop beneficial habits to do regularly than to do things that cannot benefit your body at all.

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Healthy lifestyle.

A man like anyone else they should have a healthy lifestyle, this sets a standard of living. For a man to function very effectively it is very wise that the man should live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle consists of many things around it which includes exercise for fitness, your relationship, your meals should have vegetables for healthy eating, dress properly, ware nice perfumes, build your body for great looking body shape, feed the mind with great staff, watch good TV channels and have acceptable weight.


As a man it is very important to note that you have the responsibility of taking good care your body so that you will be able to execute all your duties as a man without a problem, it frustrates a man not to be able to execute some duties due to malfunctioning of some body parts, it is advisable that you rise as a man and do something before its late. A man that exercise regularly will always get his body into shape, he will burn and keep off that excess fat in his body, his weight will be acceptable, his skin will improve, his body will easily fight diseases because he will have a very strong immune system, exercise will also help the man rest and sleep peacefully from exercise the man’s mood will improve and develop a great memory.

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By Musa

12 thoughts on “Man and Exercise-Physical Activity”
    1. Great Pethezi, I wish you all the best as you begin your journey to a better version of yourself, remember a healthy man is a healthy family, a healthy family is a healthy society, a healthy society is and healthy country.

      1. Regular body works clears your mind and help you think straight. It minimise problems related to depression and stress.

  1. You know as I was reading it just came up to my mind how important it is to look after yourself. It is very much bad to then look after your body weight just because you have been told by the doctor, it is just better to make it your lifestyle. Thank you very much Musa for such powerful words, they are very much constructive in our lives..

    1. Great comment Abstar, in most cases we wait to be told about something we knew but didn’t take the necessary action on time up until it became a problem, being proactive is a vital thing in our lives.

  2. Woow..! I can only see good work and the passion for this niche. It is encouraging to write about something you love because we get a fair judgement of the things unknown, as readers. Thank you, thank you for this life saving article.

    1. Thank you Mr Dlamini, for the encouragement, men have shifted the focus due to a lot of things going on around them, a man should not lose his manhood due to what the world says or impose being a man is not a choice it’s by birth you don’t have to fight or demand it but you need to function as a man to be regarded as a man, and the only way for a man to function well is to discover himself and take good care of his body to keep the image.

  3. Indeed if man can consider this healthy lifestyle, families can be restored and man can achieve a lot of things in life because the body will not be a hindrance in his life.
    I’ve also noted that even watching TV should be something which can be selective. This is profound, looking forward to start a new journey for our bodies.

    1. A man should lead by being involved in being exemplary to all what is expected of a man, he should have a great personality.

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