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Children are a great asset for every family, having them around as a parent is a blessing, I have noted that kids when they exercise it’s not just that they are having fun, but they benefit from exercise as they grow because it strengthens their muscles and bones as well as prevent excessive weight. Parents have a huge responsibility of making sure that their children’s development is properly done by them if children are not in their parents’ ss presence they should be with someone they trust because early childhood development determines the child’s future.

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ChildrenĀ sleep better.

It is great to have kids playing around making noise and having fun because that shows that they are healthy, but when its time to sleep it also gives you a peaceful sleep as a parent when your child can sleep better. Nothing irritates like going to bed and your child stays awake because that will mean even yourself you should not sleep. Exercise is a great activity that can make a child sleep better, as parents if you notice that your kids have difficulties to sleep, you should try and introduce them to exercise that will improve sleep.


Children, they vary some will have that behavior disorder, exercise plays a huge roll in combating that kind of behavior, because as you train them to exercise they will be having fun but as you carry on giving those instructions as they learn to take orders and that help them combat behavior disorder and depression, also give them more chances of learning things from their parents because exercise increases the chances of being together and improves harmony.

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Children at their age they also face challenges, so children need to exercise so that they develop a great attitude towards challenges because challenges are part of life, at an early stage they should learn to handle and deal with challenges as they grow. Exercise helps them handle both physical and emotional challenges, it is true that they might not be able to relate their stories well at times depending on their age but as a parent you will know what they go through as they grow, because you were once young, guide them according to their age because exercise can help them overcome better most of their challenges, also exercising with then increases time with your kids and improves your communication as you work out together.


Weight gain could be one of the major challenges that children can be exposed to as they grow up if not given that attention it deserves, as parents understanding child’s nature kids need to be controlled at times when it come to their eating, select food that will benefit the child not just to fill the stomach. Parents should make it a point that they know what their kids eat when and how do they eat, this is a necessity for a child’s development, so what they eat at their early age helps them develop a good mindset and very strong immune system, this also helps their minds become smart and also make them active. Eating correctly is something that should be introduced to kids as early as possible because it has a huge effect on their development and health. If kids eat wrong and not controlled in their eating this might make them end up obese which will not be a good idea for the child’s health, esteem, and confidence, It is better to deal with this as early as possible as parents decide on your kid’s diet, feed them well.


Child strength is also is a necessity, exercise plays a huge role in strengthening the child’s muscles and bones, as kids developments require a lot of things parents should also make it a point that they introduce children to exercise that will develop strong muscles and strengthen their bones, it is true that this also requires good diet but after eating for their system to work well they need to exercise, strengthen their muscles reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer as they grow.

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Physical activity.

Here is the list of physical activity you can introduce your in so that they can develop strong muscles and bones as well as prevent excessive weight and reduce of diabetes and cancer;

  • Gymnastic.
  • Climbing.
  • Football.
  • Basketball.
  • Tenis.
  • Dance.
  • Resistance exercise.
  • weight lifting.
  • Running.

Effects on Children.

Exercise has a good effect on children because it makes them develop a great attitude towards life, it improves their memory as they grow, it also has a good effect on their health status, because once kids start exercising they develop a strong immune system which helps prevent diseases like heart problems and other chronic illnesses, it boosts their esteem, strengthens their confidence, also reduces stress and make them sleep better.

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In the family when you all exercise together with your children, this improves your communication, it also keeps the kids away from TV and computers, it becomes fun for the family to socialize together by exercising which works in return with all the benefits it has for the body. As families setting time almost equivalent to an hour for exercise will help the children both physically and emotionally and improve their condition and give them a better sleep.


Exercising together as a family helps the children limit the chances of watching Tv and time on computers, in anything they do kids need to take a short break so that they will know that there are many other things they have to do as they grow up not just only entertainment and food. It also helps them socially, they learn how to live with ether people and have a healthy relationship as you workout together. This also helps them develop strength as they nee it the most in their growth. Exercise also helps them combat disorder, weight gain, depression sleep better, develops strong muscles, bones, and also has good health status because it reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer. It is a necessity to make sure that children exercise because it is good for their body and health, their condition improves and gain confidence and be able to handle physical and emotional challenges.

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    1. The young geberation of today spends most of their time watching TV, at times they need something to keep them away from any electronics so that they can refresh their minds and be exposed to something different.

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