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Change is the only stability and security we have in life, guaranteed there would be a transition. Change cannot be avoided by anyone on earth, it is something that we have to live with, it is either working for you or not but there will be change. Once you start exercising expect changes in your life, have a plan in place in order for you to manage those changes.


If you cannot manage your life now change will always victimize you, exercise is a great move for anyone who wants to live longer and be able to manage changes in the body before they become a problem. Life is simply a series of changes and the only way you can stop change is to stop living, but as long as you live change will always be there, so make a way how you can live with it.


The most common word used in life is change as an individual you need to plan for change see things differently have a strong vision about your body set time aside just to focus on things that concern your body, anything done on your body should be something that you planned for. When your body is in good health you will function better, get some books read add knowledge to yourself that will show you have a plan about life, have a clear picture of yourself because that is your image understand yourself better than anyone else. Remember you are the brand of yourself look after your body well. The food you eat should be of good quality, from anything that goes into your stomach your should benefit don’t just eat to fill up your tummy but eat for a living.

Change your menu

Once you start exercising you will be forced to change your menu remember not everything eatable is good for your body, it is recommended to buy some few cookbooks to refer to as you change your menu. Changing your menu is a great move towards achieving a healthy lifestyle because if you eat wrong your body will not be able to develop a good strong immune system which will assist in fighting any diseases. Menu change when you exercise also helps you to set eating times because it’s also important to time yourself on eating don’t just eat any time around the clock. Menu change will also help you avoid any kind of food with very high calories in it. A good menu also helps balance up the fat content in your body.

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Law of life.

Change is a law of life, those who look to the past will definitely miss the future. Life is not in the past it is in the future so the best thing to do is to plan for it. Security is mostly something that we believe is going to protect us, it’s simply a superstition otherwise when it’s time for something to happen it will happen no matter how tight your security can be. Do not be scared to start exercising truly it will change you for a better you, yes you will have to meet new friends, new clothes, new menu or new habits, expect that just be positive they might be better than the ones you have now, change.


Our eyes can destroy the vision, vision is actually something that you cannot see with our physical eyes, you need to view it spiritually and put faith in your plans then work towards achieving it, fear is caused by insecurity when you have fear automatically you won’t have faith. If you fall in love with the security you will never adventure, you will not be able to explore to unknown and new activities. Do not be scared to start pursuing your vision it is the way everything starts all that you see physically began in someone’s mind as a vision. There is a better version of yourself start exercising and enjoy all the benefits from it like a good memory, good body image, nice sleep strong immune system and  many more.


Change is something guaranteed that it will happen, here are simple things you should take note of, you will never change what you ignore, you will never change what you resist and you cannot change what you avoid, the best thing to do is to always plan for any change don’t expect things to stay the same and don’t wait for change but make the change. When you start exercising definitely there will be some changes in your body, like weight loss be prepared to change your wardrobe after that.

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Give up some habits

Never wait for things to change but make a change, at times you need to give up something valuable to make a change, remember life is the constant flow of changes once you begin to exercise be a wise planner, should any of the valuable things you have now can make you stop planning for your better version get rid of it, give it up, embrace the future change move on. If exercise means to miss some of those daily soapies aired on TV its ok change that, workout burn those calories, and be the best of yourself.

Desire success

If you desire constant success in exercising you must constantly adjust yourself to change because if you are not, you will miss the future. Continue to change with the changes in your body, at times change will mean losing what you have in preparation for the next, like for instance your favorites in clothing or your favorite friends, if they don’t fall for the idea of exercising you need to give it up to change. In fact, your life as an individual is more important than the clothes you wear, TV programs you watch, friends you spend your time with they can always be replaced, you are more than what you dress, more than your company, or more than TV programs, your value is not from all these but you add value to them.


It is very important as an individual to note that exercise means a change in your life, as I have mentioned above change is something that cannot be avoided and the only way you can deal with change as you begin to exercise is to plan for it. Since change is something that always happens in life either you have prepared or not, it will always victimize you if you try to avoid it, prepare yourself once you start exercising because you will have to change your clothes, your looks will change, your daily habits will be affected. Remember you cannot change what you avoid, if you have an issue with your weight gain start doing something about it, don’t turn a blind eye and ignore it change. As you exercise its obvious that your menus will be affected so plan for that and change, make a plan for change find those solutions.

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