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Everyday life is full of plans of what we want to do either for short term or long term, here is what we should take note of as we are busy with our daily life activities, It has become a common mistake to plan for all the things we want to be in life but forget how you will want you spiritual life to look like in the near future, Spirituality should be planned for as well by every individual on earth because it is the source of every nuture, you leave it out of your plans you miss the source. Everyone should note that a human is Spirit when the Spirit leaves the body the person is gone end of the story.


Allow me to share a bit of how our lives look like before we are even born. It is important to note that life becomes practical after somebody set down and think of what He or She wants to do. Take note every time when you think, you think in pictures but usually, when we plan to do something that thing hasn’t come to practice to existence it’s all in the mind, this is clear to all that everything begins in the spirit look at this in this manner just pause close your eyes and think to imagine of something don’t you see it, the answer is yes you can see it, that’s the proof things before they are physically seen they first exist in our spirit, then in the mind as a thought, then an idea, draw the plan communicate with the right people to do it then they make it happen and physically seen.


Here is where I am coming from, every time when we plan we tend to plan only for the physical things using our Spiritual being, draw the plan arrange for everything, and make sure that those pictures we had in mind become practical, here is the question if we plan for our physical things why can’t we also plan for the spiritual things. It is a norm to plan for our education, we plan for food to eat, we plan for our work we plan for what to wear, etc. Basically, we are very concerned about all the things we want to do in the physical world but never border about the source. Every source will always want to be honored, for every individual, this is the truth understand your source honer your source involve your source in your plans, always make sure that in anything you do the source is never left out. Let’s take it for resistance rivers has got sources should you disconnect it from its source the river will be no more, that how our lives are they always need to be connected to the source at all times.

Spirit and flesh.

Here is the greatest challenge the world is facing, is to try and separate the two Spirit and the flesh trust me these go together. This is why I am saying this, our minds would communicate things to our physical body then think, plan, and start doing them. The mind is always regulated by our Spiritual mind which communicates directly to where we come from which the heaven, I believe everyone, when is born on earth, is born for a reason and once the reason/ purpose is fulfiled the person will leave. Tell me what happens if the person didn’t plan for his spiritual life will he be able to go back to where he is from the answer is no he will not because the mandate wasn’t fulfilled. For each and every individual on earth it is true we are not the same what makes each and every person to be unique is his or her mandate, the mandate is the reason why you were born, the reason why you were born is your purpose on earth. A purpose is usually defined as a gift, a gift is normally what you are good at and when you do it you will never feel like being forced to do it, but you always have passion for it, that’s your gift, a gift can only be polished not taught. This gift comes from God and that’s your purpose.


It is a reality that a man born of a woman is automatically unclean, there is a necessity that that person must have his or her blood renewed because one man fell into sin and all were in his loins at that time then all that was born out of him fell short of Gods glory. This is why Jesus came in because His blood was pure, pureblood was needed to cleanse and redeem a man from evil so that he will go back to his original position. Humans’ original position is that a human is God’s image, an image is what you will always perceive yourself to be, that is why God in everything He made He said its beautiful. It is a reality that every man wants to do good things but because of sin in physical nature, a man ends up doing the wrong things. If you may go deeper into your thoughts everything a humans plans to do is for a good reason because all were born for a good reason. Our conscious is the regulator that is why on every decision you take your conscious will approve it or disapprove, if one may ask himself or herself who is it that approves his or her decisions and why do I always hear an approval voice whenever I have done right and a disapproval voice whenever I have made a wrong decision. The answer is that it is your spirituality part this happens because before all that you do was first in spirit then the approval will also be in spirit first before it becomes practical. This proves that the flesh depends on the spirit for its existence without the spirit the body won’t even move, it will malfunction.


He was purposely sent on earth to fulfill one reason bringing back God’s Spirit into a human being, reverse human life back to original intent where he will receive that spirit which completes a human kind. For a man to do his duties successfully. The Spirit is needed, for a man to connect with God fully the Spirit of God is needed, for a man to walk right on earth and realize his purpose of being born, the man has to receive God’s Spirit. It is not easy for every human being to walk right when the spirit is not right, for everything that we physically see is from the unseen spirit world, the only way for that thing to fully exist on earth it has to go through someone spirit mind to physical mind as an idea them implemented in a plan them practically done, this a fact and that fulfills a purpose.


This is a great moment, this is the reconnecting part, this where you will learn how to plan for your spiritual life this is the time when you will be able to understand why a man needs to stay connected with God. As a human being this how you should plan for your Spiritual life. Time is something for sure that will come to pass, time is one thing that is going to happen either you like it or not, time cannot be stopped or controlled by anyone the only thing you can do to regulate time is to plan what you are going to do that will help you have a meaning of your time. Time is available for everyone, the secrete is that are you able to give a meaning to your time, the only way to give a meaning to your time is to plan. Planning is for a human being, Human being because is like God Himself, Human was given the right to plan from the onset unlike all the other spices to them things happen seasonally but for a human being is by choice. A human can plan to do something and make sure it succeeds or not plan to do it. If a human doesn’t plan to do something automatically nothing will happen, because planning is a human’s role then God makes it possible. It is God’s plan for every individual to plan because that’s is why He created humans.

Prayer life.

1. Plan for your prayer, prayer is a must-do thing, prayer is a sign that you understand your coming on earth was a commission from heaven, plan for you Spiritual event, how you will influence other people, plan for your spiritual growth, plan about where you want to see your spiritual life in the next 5 years. Plan how you will make your spiritual life influence other people’s lives. Plan how will you improve your connectivity with God. Plan how you will improve your spiritual sensitivity. plan how you will build your character. Plan how you will influence the world. Plan how you will grow the church numerically. plan how you grow the church spiritually. Plan how you will grow the church financially. Prayer is briefly described as giving God the authority to intervene in your earthly matters, this might sound strange but I will briefly say as a man was given authority on earth, Gods respect his word He will never reverse what he set, in the beginning, the only time He will intervene is when a man asks him to do so through prayer. Prayer is the most important thing a man should always do because that makes a man keep up with what the heavens want him to do on earth. In our days we have software that has to be updated now and again should you disconnect it from its source your device act funny, something happens when a man disconnects with the heavens. 


The spirituality part of a man will always function well when the man is connected to the source, the connectivity to the source is only complete through the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit is the Spirit that was sent to man when Jesus left, this Spirit was described as our helper, and guider. This Spirit never changes, but get frustrated when not obeyed, the Spirit leaves when not obeyed, and once He is gone the human loses connectivity, and once there is no connectivity then the man won’t have a counselor, the man will lose guider, and also lose a helper. As I have mentioned earlier that a man can only function to full potential when he is connected to the source once the Holy Spirit is gone the man begins to act funny because the connection is incomplete. To keep up with the heavenly standards on earth we need to stay connected, to function to the full potential we need to connect to the source, to execute our duties successfully we need to connect to the source.


Human life is incomplete without the spirit, a man will always malfunction without the spirit, a human being has to stay connected in order for him to function well and fulfil the mandate on earth. Remember all that we have to do on earth is invisible the only way to search and download that to the physical world is to connect to the spirit world and be able to retrieve that information needed for our daily life activities. Just because a human being was given that authority and a right to make choices the connectivity can only be reconnected by choice. People may always ask themselves how do you discover your purpose, this is a mystery the only way you can search onto it, is to reconnect with the source and then have access to that information. Reconnection is a choice for every to make then go back to your origins, this is possible and the only place you can start from is to start right where you are and begin to plan for your spiritual life and stay connected to the spiritual source and live a healthy and happy life.

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By Musa

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