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Breakfast is a very special meal for starting a day that should not be missed by anyone. Breakfast improves your energy levels and the ability to concentrate, and it helps with better weight management. It also reduces the chances of contracting diabetes and heart diseases in the long run, surely this meal should not be over sited. Let me take you through a few great breakfast options you may choose from for yourself, that comes with all the benefits you will have when you take them as your breakfast.

Recommended breakfast.

For your daily breakfasts, it is recommended to always have it balanced, of which you should try and add eggs in your breakfast which are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals such as selenium and riboflavin. This makes the eggs a powerhouse of nutrients. You can also have breakfast that includes cereals and fruits, the cereals because they are high in fiber they help improve your digestion. The fruits because they are also high in nutrients they help balance up your breakfast and boost your energy to start your day.

  1. Eggs, eggs are rich in protein and have shown to increase fullness which reduces food intake, which then enhances weight loss.
  2. Wheat Germ, wheat germ is high in fibre, the study shows that cereal, as they are high in fibre, may help reduce appetite, because they are quick to fill, they decrease the risk of weight gain and keep blood sugar levels stable.
  3. Bananas, they are also high in fibre, which helps keep your filling fuller for longer, it is also recommended to take un riped bananas because they contain resistant starch which may help decrease food intake and contribute to loss of belly fat.
  4. Yoghurt, yoghurt is high in protein and has been associated with decreased hunger and food intake, plus a lower risk of weight gain.
  5. Smoothies, these can be a convenient way to increase your intake of fibre and proteins to reduce hunger and increase weight loss but you need to be sure not to add too many calorie ingredients.
  6. Berries, these are regarded as nutrients dense and fibre, the study says eating berries may decrease calorie intake and assist in weight lose.
  7. Grapefruits, these are very popular on many diets and weight loss and this is for a good reason because they are low in calories high in fibre, taking them helps in weight loss and lower calorie intake and body fat.
  8. Green tea/ coffee, it is important to also use coffee or green tea as a drink for your breakfast because green tea has got those components which helps increase fat burning and calories which helps in weight loss. Coffee increases metabolism and fat burn and it can also help you lose weight after some time.

How does it benefit you?

Breakfast is good to start your day with because it improves your energy levels and prepares you to pay attention to where it needs your concentration. The ingredients used in preparing a balanced breakfast like eggs they contain great vitamins and minerals that are a great necessity for your body, taking then for your breakfast helps your body to manage the weight properly and minimizes the chances of contracting chronic diseases like diabetes and heart problems in the long run. These types of ingredients because most of them being high in fiber they increase your fullness which helps reduce your food intake and that contributes well to weight loss. 

Breakfast juices.

 There are a number of juice varieties you can prepare for breakfast and some of them are even good for consumption in substitute for the breakfast meal. The best breakfast juice to have is the fresh homemade breakfast, this is because when you make your own juice at home, you will always have it fresh and benefit all the nutrients at it best. The good thing about homemade juices is that you can always make it out of any available fruit or vegetables you have. These homemade juices are highly recommended because of their vitamins and minerals content taking them on a fresh day with your breakfast helps boost your immune system, which helps fight any diseases, that might attack you.

Breakfast time.

Breakfast timing is very important because our body gets used to the time you feed it, so for your health and fewer complications, it is very important to always observe your breakfast time. Choosing a specific time for breakfast help you plan better for what you going to have as your breakfast and also have enough time to prepare it to the right standard you would prefer it to be. Setting time for breakfast helps you organize well on time all the ingredients you going to need, to produce your breakfast especially those your body will benefit from.

Breakfast quantities.

On your daily breakfast, it is important to always monitor the quantities of food you eat because that will help you towards getting the weight you have targeted and also save you your money. Monitoring your breakfast quantities helps you buy exactly what your body is going to benefit from. In doing so you will be able to manage your body weight and also boost your immune and easily reach your desired weight. Eating acceptable breakfast quantities helps your stomach not to end up heavy for you which might couse laziness and make you sleepy.


Breakfast, if balance well can sustain you for the whole day. What makes breakfast a meal not to be missed is because of the help it provides for your body to start a day and function well. The nutrients found in most of the ingredients used in breakfast are rich in nutrients like proteins in eggs, vitamins in fruits, and minerals in vegetables. This helps increase your body energy levels and also improves your concentration for the day. Because of the richness of nutrients on your breakfast, this helps your body to develop a very strong immune which helps fight diseases and lower risks of heart problems and diabetes in the long run. Taking breakfast in the morning also helps in weight loss, because most of the ingredients used in breakfast increase fullness which helps reduce food intake that helps in weight loss.

Please leave comments or questions below regarding breakfast meals good for dieting, I will be happy to help you.



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