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Best juices to lose belly are those juices which are very low on calories and they can quickly burn up fats in your body, most of these juices they are high on fibre and they can fill up and keep your stomach occupied for the better part of your day without taking any other meal. Taking these kinds of juices helps your body minimizes the amount of food you take daily so it works better for you to lose excess fat, and automatically prevents weight gain. It is very wise to always buy yourself a very good blender so that you can do yourself very nice homemade juices.

Cucumber Juice.

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Cucumber is one of those vegetables that makes a great homemade juice, this kind of a vegetable consist of the high content of water of about 95%, which helps quenches thirst in a most healthy way. this juice is derived from cucumber produced by squeezing or pressing it, there are a number of cocktails that could be made out this as well as soups dips and salad dressings, this is a great juice because of its naturally based juice no added preservatives or sugar.

Amla Juice.

This juice is an Indian juice derived from Indian gooseberry, they label it as a powerhouse of nutrition because it’s known to balance all the processes in the body and brings to equilibrium all three doshas- vitamins, Kapha and pitta. adding amla in your diet finale into good health by all means, because of its excellency in the source of vitamin c which helps boost your metabolism and prevent viral and bacterial ailments and also helps in slowing down the ageing process. its also necessary for collagen production hence keeping your skin, hair healthy and supports the immune system.

Cabbage juice.

Cabbage juice is loaded with nutritions, such as vitamins C and K, drinking it is linked to many benefits, including weight loss, improved gut health, decreased inflammation, balanced hormones and body detoxification. there are various ways of making it depending on the reasons you need it for because at times it could be made just to treat ulcers.

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Orange Juice.

Orange juice is a liquid extract of an orange tree fruit produced by squeezing or reaming oranges. It can come in several different varieties. It is best when you take it freshly made just a glass of a 100% freshly made orange juice can help meet intake of fruits recommended per day while providing the daily recommended dosage of vitamin C and all the other body essential nutritions.

Pineapple juice.

Pineapple juice is a liquid juice extracted for a pineapple fruit by pressing the fruit pulp of a pineapple plant, it varies depending on the type of pineapple used there are great benefits from this juice because it boosts your immunity, suppresses inflammation, helps improve your digestion system, helps promote hearts health and also helps fight certain types of cancer. Pineapple juice is also recommended for its increase of concentration of melatonin in the blood, which helps reset your circadian rhythm, also known as your 24-hour sleep and wake up cycle.

Pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate juice is made from the fruit of the pomegranate. It is mostly used in cooking both as a fresh juice and as a concentrated syrup. Thi kind of juice is rich in antioxidants, which can reverse atherosclerosis as well as vascular inflammation and also lower blood pressure. It is recommended taking one glass a week because it contains a very high level of antioxidant than other juices and red wine and green tea. It also helps protect cells from damage and remove free radicals.

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Karela juice.

This type of juice is made from a rough-skinned fruit called bitter melon. This fruit and its juice taste bitter, some people may find it unpalatable. It has gained its popularity for its many health benefits which includes lower blood pressure nad improved skin health. It is also good in lowering cholesterol levels in the body which reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke. this Juice is also rich in potassium, which helps by lowering the blood pressure in the body and that potassium also helps absorbs excessive sodium in the body.

Carrot juice.

This juice is produced from carrots, you can use a blender or a juicer and its very easy to make it at home. A carrot is one of those versatile root vegetables which could be used in many ways in our daily diet juicing it is the best way to provide vital nutrients to our body. Carrot juice is also high in fibre which is very good in improving digestion, it also improves your vision, improves skin disorder, reduces cancer risk, lowers cholesterol level, and strengthen brain function.

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Lemon Juice.

This is simply the juice of a lemon mixed with water, it depends on the personal preferences how much water and lemon juice for each usage. It could be drunk hot or cold, some people also choose to add the lemon rind, leaf and mix with honey and other ingredients. Since lemon is high in acidic which is good in lowering the fat content in the body. There are a number of health benefits found in a lemon juice which are good for the body like lowering heart disease, reduce chances of anaemia and kidney stones.

Spinach Juice.

This is made from spinach leaves, there may be a number on recipes on how to make spinach juice but its recommended to make sure that your spinach is sterilized before you juice it and blend it till there are no chunks. It is good to make it from the raw spinach because it has a high content of nutritions when it raw than precooked. Spinach juice is more pleasurable and drinkable when combined with apple. This juice is known for its cleansing ability as it purifies the blood and eliminates accumulated toxins from the cells and also helps rebuild the body.

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Juices are know of the great nutritions they have, they are always best when freshly made because your body benefits all the nutritions at its freshness, Juices are recommended for eight lose because some of them are high in fibre they improve your digestion. Juices are also recommended in boosting your immune system so that your body will easily fight diseases and lower risks of contracting chronic diseases. In the system, juices are very easily absorbed and you replenish quickly without putting anything heavy in your stomach when your exercise.

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